Jun 16, 2022 • 12M

How to 10x your product intuition

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Alexis and Adrienne
Alexis and Adrienne are former PMs (Facebook, Tesla, and Google) who share their insights working at top companies in Silicon Valley and share their best practices. Subscribe to get insight into the thought-processes of these great practitioners as they launched products in the middle of a crisis, scaled their growth teams, climbed to the top of Google search results, and how they emerged anew.
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I was at Facebook for five years, and managed products ranging from Instagram Video Chat to algorithms for Facebook News Feed. I’ve had many friends reach out to me over the years for advice on how to prepare for PM interviews. I’d often get frustrated because they’re highly talented, yet not prepared for the interview. There are countless resources online for interview preparation, but the problem is that very few of them give you concrete exercises to help train your product sense muscles. The best way to get better at interviewing is through exercises that help you internalize product sense best practices -- not reading more frameworks.